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How Expensive Are Utilities

Average Electricity Bill: $65.33 – $88.10. Average Gas Bill: $80/month (varies from month-to-month) Average Water Bill: $17.04 – $68.14. The average American water bill is $70.93 per month. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day. 16 To put that number into perspective,.

The average utility cost in Reno, NV is $211.07 The average electricity cost in Reno, NV is $104.16 The average gas cost in Reno, NV is $47.97 Reno is a super sunny place, even on its cooler winter days. Although temperatures get hot during the summer months, the winter months get pretty cold. How Much Are Utilities in an Apartment? What Is The Average Utility Cost Per Square Foot Of Utility Bills 101: Average Cost of Utilities | How Much Are Utilities in an Apartment? Hawaii is the most expensive state for utilities. Hawaii tops the list of the most expensive states for utilities costs, with an average monthly bill of $540. This is far and away the highest average utilities expense out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. New Jersey comes in a distant second place, paying $436 per household. "The cost of generating and reliably maintaining electricity comprises about 50% of your power bill. ln order to keep the lights on, the demand for and supply of electricity must be satisfied at all times. "Fossil-fueled electricity is inexpensive, and the fuel can be stored or sourced on site—the electricity is there when you need it. How Much Do Utilities Cost Per Month in an Apartment? In the US, the average cost of utilities is $250 a month. This estimate includes the basic utilities - electricity, gas, water, and fuel. Here’s how much you can expect to pay monthly for each utility: Gas/Fuel: $9-$152 per month; Electricity: $98-$192 per month; Water: $16 - $81 per month If you own a house, your utilities budget should be closer to $400 monthly, according to It also found that the average utility cost per month is $114.44 for electricity, $63.34 for... The answer: The average cost of utilities for commercial buildings is $2.10 per square foot. Other interesting facts related to how much utilities cost for a business: The total electricity expense for private-sector office buildings.

How Expensive Are Utilities

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