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Which fish is the best? Which to avoid!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Lately I've been opting for more fish and seafood. Before I would rely heavily on protein shakes. That was a ritual of mine for well over a decade, I would wake up and drink one protein shake in the morning. Another one after the gym, and then one right before my head hit the pillow. Wake up and repeat for 15 years.

I have since been experimenting with eating more whole foods and less supplemental shakes.

The fresher the better. If I do red/white meat or chicken it has to be antibiotic free, since I'm

really trying to keep a very healthy gut microbiome.

Which leads me into a very important part of our health and that is boosting the good gut bacteria that we have in our body with probiotics. We are mostly made up of bacteria, numbers have been high in scientific studies. They found we are 90% bacteria. so we need to listen to our guts which have 100 trillion bacteria in them. Our guts also produce upwards of 80% of our serotonin levels which is the feel good hormone.

The fish that I feel are very good for you are ones lower on the food chain so they less amounts of mercury. But we should all do some heavy metal cleanses every so often.

First I have been eating more of lately is Yellow Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin is better then Albacore since it is smaller and has a shorter life span. I've been getting it flash frozen lately it's as fresh

as it comes pretty much. It's high in Omega-3 fatty acids, selenium is really high, lots of B vitamins, great protein. Anti inflammatory benefits, Antioxidant benefits. The high Omega-3's are good AF for your heart. Plus I personally feel a sense of well being after eating some. It is a quick cook too, 1-2 minutes each side and your good to go.

The Second fish is a wild caught Alaskan Cod also flash frozen to lock in nutrients. Low saturated fats, higher in potassium, flakey and delicious. I do like to give mine a light batter with a nice tapioca flour before I pan fry, then pull it off when the internal temp reaches 130 degrees.

Third up is I love me some Oysters. One os the main reasons I like Oysters is the high bio

available Zinc. Seriously you down 15 oysters before bed and will have some major wood through out the night. The Zinc increases the production of testosterone inside of your

testicles. I have two ways I'll cook them either in the oven on high broil or battered in tapioca flour and pan fried with avocado oil. If you don't like oysters you can still get your Zinc in a supplemental form.

So please next time your at the grocery store spend a moment at the seafood counter or the frozen seafood section.

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