The photos you see here are from the new feature film "Crystal" We have been filming now for a little over a month. Before filming we had a few months of preparation. We would meet at Broadway Coffee house to discuss as well as Zoom video conferences. 

"Crystal" was written by Clyde Waterhouse and my self Nick Dent. We wrote this back in 2016 out in Los Angeles at Clydes penthouse apartment right off Sunset Boulevard. I believe it took us about two weeks to write.

When Roman Martinez the director for our film was brought on board we gave him some options of films to direct of which Clyde and a I had a handful written. "Crystal" is the one Roman chose.


Then I asked Jeff Schnieder to be apart of our film as the Director of Photography. Jeff happily obliged to have his WJD films associated. And were off to the races.


The actors where carefully chosen from all over Oregon and Washington. The costumes were meticulously picket. And the set was supposed to be an Air BnB but do to logistics of filming only on weekends we could not have done this, plus lots of blood. Then the Crystal house was supposed to be our DP's personal home. Yet when we sent screen shots to our contact at Lions Gate for possible distribution it was brought to our attention that this script is not about a normal house.


So with the rude awakening of backers being timid due to the blunt feed back we just heard, I was afraid my first feature would not have been made. So on my flight back from Burbank Airport I went into a shock/manic mode and had to create a different Crystal house. This is how the modular set came about. I order supplies on Amazon on the flight back and created a model to reveal to the crew when I got back home. Which they loved.

I then started to collect supplies from Lowes and Home Depot using my brother Jareds truck. After making a few flats/panels of wall fro the set. They came out a bit wonky so I recruited my other brother Jordan who has been in the home building industry to assist. And that really helped stream line and perfect the set.

The main goal of the build was to gets all the walls done, then which ever set furniture and decor was need for the first weekend of filming ready.

The script also needed some fast changes due to the Crystal house being so entirely different the the initial concept, and thankfully the pressure from the powers that be forced me to concoct something new and different. Yes I have so much loaded up on credit cards and have been putting my all into this as has everyone else, BUT I will get this done and I want nothing more then this to be finished so you all can see what Ten dark years can do to you. By that I mean Bill Gates spent 10 dark years in his garage and came out a tech mogul. Just like an musician who's plays for ten years straight will be great.

Even though I haven't made a feature movie before I have been writing notes and ideas and studying film and writing movies and training acting and karate and editing small stuff plus researching equipment. Now is the time!

I would like to give so many big Thanks to everyone involved with the project. Especially my wife Becky, I believe she has found her true calling now with Wardrobe and Production Assistant. Becky has been so great and juggling many positions, even doing Kraft services and hot meals for everyone.

Our make up crew have been outstanding. Esmee Brown and Vicki Woods really brought a new level of disgust in a good way to set. You will all be very shocked and impressed with the visual effects.

The actors Heather Zender, Nicolette Pullen, Justin Zheng, Bre Hudson, Brea Grimes, Joel Austin, Lance Nuttman, Andrew Orozco, Sophia Bonzi, Steve Larkin, Adam Mulcare, Julie Dent, Jessica Dent, Arthur Miles. 

And the crew Tim Coyle, Gray Sundal/Jacob, Abel Martinez, Emma, Mary Strand, Anthony Torres, Nick Hernandez, Jared Dent, Condessa Dent, Jackie Dent, Steven Rodgers, Frank Owner of Capitol Coffee, Freddie, Rebecca, Rubin.

Another very large Thank You is to Jack Davis the owner of the Circus Jeff Schneider was apart of years ago. Which made this all possible by having the location to use as a studio to film in. 

To wrap this up for now I would like to say we have filmed about 50+ pages of our 88 page script. We are on the home stretch of getting this all filmed the next step is editing. Our editors in LA are amazing but this last step still needs to be funded do to unforeseen circumstances with Covid issues. Clyde would have been able to finish the funding but in the UK they stopped insuring cancer patients and Clydes Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia right as we started filming so he had to sell assets to pay out of pocket for Chemotherapy. If you like what we are creating here and would like to make sure it gets fully funded please donate below and you will get a credit on the film.

Thank You,

Nick Dent